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Illustration: A light red equal sign is intersected with a black diagonal line — the symbol for unequal. The symbol is on a light grey textured background.


Revisiting ‘Unequal Treatment’

Two decades ago, a landmark report called out racism in health care, indelibly changing the public health landscape. There is much more work to be done.

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Fall 2022

Of note Fall 2022

Notable publications, findings, and initiatives from around the Harvard Chan School.

Alumni News Fall 2022

Career updates from past classes, starting with a note from the class of 1995.
Cristina Gago stands outside in New York City, wearing a black t-shirt and tan pants. Her arms are folded and she's looking to her right. Cars and people are blurred in the background.

Finding public health programs that work

Financial support helped Cristina Gago, PhD ’22, develop her passion for evaluating programs that improve the health of low-income families.

Fall 2022

Sick from the system and getting worse

How structural racism affects health—and what people are doing about it.

spring 2022

A male student wearing a blue shirt, black vest and black facemask walks past a portrait of Bernard Lown.

Of note Spring 2022

“Good” cholesterol, diabetes and hormones, ‘smart’ packaging and other news from the school.
Tanat Chinbunchorn, wearing a black fleece and blue jeans, sits on grassy steps by Countway library and smiles at the camera.

Affirming care

Financial aid and student support funds are helping Tanat Chinbunchorn, MPH ’22, lead initiatives for patient communities that often face stigma.
Tyler VanderWeele in khaki pants, a blue blazer, white shirt and tie with his hands clasped and smiling off into the distance. He stands in front of a paisley patterned background, colored from pink to blue.

The science of life satisfaction

Flourishing expert Tyler VanderWeele contemplates how individuals and communities can move forward after two years of pandemic grief
Three students in Harvard Chan regalia sitting in a stadium and smiling.

Alumni News Spring 2022

Career updates from past classes, starting with a note from the class of 1990.

Winter 2022

Students practice yoga on a sunny day on a grassy area.

Of note Winter 2022

Workplace health, crisis response, collaborations in China and Africa, and other news from the school.