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Global Health

An African woman holds a worn photo of an infant in her hands.

How a deadly global crisis went unseen

In the Central African Republic, researchers found an astronomical death rate. Could a major emergency be invisible?
By Amy Maxmen
Four slivers of images compiled in one. From left: Illustration of the backs of two figures in a side embrace; one holds a cane. Photo collage of four processed foods on a plate. Photo of a twenty-something man, holding hands with a child with an elderly man and middle-aged woman behind him. Photo of a woman sitting on a couch with a robotic dog.

Our top stories of 2023

Our editors pick the best stories we published this year.
By Harvard Public Health Staff
Illustration: Circles move on a series of red, yellow, black, blue and green paths, the colors of the South African flag.

The path to universal access

South Africa is committed to single-payer health care, but achieving it won’t be easy.
By Andrew Green