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Introducing: The Fall Issue

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Close-up of the Gettysburg address at the Lincoln Memorial

Reparations will save Black lives

Mary Bassett, New York state health commissioner, examines the close ties between wealth and health in America. It’s time, she says, for the U.S. government to pay its debt to Black Americans.
Harvard Public Health, Print Magazine Cover: The words "Sick from the system and getting worse" in white, all caps text, on a bright red background. In smaller text below: "How structural racism affects health—and what people are doing about it."

Fall 2022

Structural Racism

How structural racism affects health—and what people are doing about it.

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Environment & Health

A partially used cigarette against a blue sky.

Carbon capture: climate change’s “healthy” cigarette

The tobacco industry made millions selling “healthy cigarettes” even when it knew smoking killed. Decades later, will the fossil fuel industry get away selling us “healthy” carbon using the tobacco industry’s playbook?