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Environmental Health

Marcel Simmons squats on some rocks near the edge of the Flint River. He stares somberly up at the camera.

The children of Flint, ten years later

They'll live with the consequences of the water crisis all their lives. They're angry, but also hopeful. And they've been a rallying point for the city.
By Shantal Riley
A blue latex gloved hand holds a test tube with soil showing microplastics.

Microplastics, strokes, and heart attacks

A new study found plastic particles in the arterial plaque of more than half the participants, raising their risk of serious health events.
By Jim Morris, Public Health Watch
Aerial photo of the Fint Oasis in southern Morocco: green palm trees, a small water source and clay buildings stand among dry hills and dirt roads.

Resilience in a Moroccan oasis

Photographer M'hammed Kilito captures climate change in a fragile ecosystem.
By M’hammed Kilito