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A black man with dredlocks, a blue patterned shirt, and a white undershirt, places a pink sticky note on a white board that asks “What could the U.S. look like post-reparations?”. The whiteboard is decorated with stars, a light bulb, a green flag, dotted lines, and other post-its.

Redressing the racial health gap

A Harvard symposium examines the public health case for reparations to Black descendants of slavery and what remedy might look like.
By Michael Blanding
Ntobeko Ntusi looks out a window in a non-descript buliding. Windows are open behind his shoulders showing a blue sky. He wears a navy blue suit, white shirt and tie. He is black and has close-cut hair.

The long, low echo of apartheid in South Africa

In South Africa, persistent bias in medical schools and health care means your health is still worse if you’re Black. Because you’re Black.
By Linda Nordling