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Ntobeko Ntusi looks out a window in a non-descript buliding. Windows are open behind his shoulders showing a blue sky. He wears a navy blue suit, white shirt and tie. He is black and has close-cut hair.

The long, low echo of apartheid in South Africa

In South Africa, persistent bias in medical schools and health care means your health is still worse if you’re Black. Because you’re Black.
By Linda Nordling
Close-up of the Gettysburg address at the Lincoln Memorial

Reparations will save Black lives

Mary Bassett, New York state health commissioner, examines the close ties between wealth and health in America. It's time, she says, for the U.S. government to pay its debt to Black Americans.
By Mary T. Bassett
An unopened pack of birth control pills rests on a light teal background. The pills are in four rows of seven; three rows have orange pills, the last row has white pills.

Post-Roe, expanding birth control access

State lawmakers and drug companies press for easy access to birth control pills at the pharmacy — no doctor’s visit needed.
By Reyna Gobel