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Conflict & Health

Three images from the war in Ukraine are overlaid onto of a blurred image of a burning field with apartments in the background. Images from top to bottom: A male Ukrainian doctor in a white lab coat and dark surgical cap, stands in the middle of a destroyed hospital interior. Rubble and building debris surround him. A blonde woman is overcome with emotion as she stands outside a destroyed apartment building. A Red Cross volunteer embraces an elderly woman crying.

Special Project

The Toxic Toll of War

This special project explores the public health consequences of war—even after the fighting is over.


“Targeted and indiscriminate attacks on hospitals, clinics, and workers in an armed conflict are war crimes. When committed as part of a state policy on a widespread or systematic basis, such attacks are also crimes against humanity.”

Destruction and devastation: One Year of Russia’s Assault on Ukraine’s health care system

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Lead photo illustration by Mary Delaware. Source images, top to bottom: Vadim Ghirda / AP Photo, Evgeniy Maloletka / AP Photo, Emilio Morenatti / AP Photo,rootstocks / iStock (background).