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Christine Mehta

Christine Mehta is the senior editor for ideas and opinions at Harvard Public Health.

Book cover for “Endemic: A Post-Pandemic Playbook” by Monica Gandhi, M.D. The book cover has a light beige background, bright orange border and the word “ENDEMIC” in all caps in a light blue bar in the middle. Above the title is a quote and the author’s name, and below is the subtitle and another quote. The compassion is on a light purple speckled background.

Our next pandemic’s playbook

Monica Gandhi on why our next pandemic response must center harm reduction, equality, and justice.
By Christine Mehta
A silver faucet dispenses brown, murky water into a white bathroom sink.

Tap water’s toxic secret

The author of a Public Health Watch investigation explains why manganese contamination may be a growing problem in the U.S.
By Christine Mehta