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HPH Weekly: Why are spirituality and health not linked in public health?

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Jo Zhou
April 11, 2024
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Why are spirituality and health not linked in public health?

Illustration: A crowd of people silhouetted by a warm sky, filled with similar colors.
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Tyler VanderWeele, an expert on flourishing, is back in HPH this week with a plea to public health leaders: Don’t ignore the research demonstrating the positive health effects of spirituality. “It is time for the neglect of religion in public health conversations to change,” he writes.

Exploring the connection between music and mental health

Kent Dayton

Our Public Health in Action series features the clubhouse model for treating mental illness, and this week, we look at a musical take on the model. Tunefoolery, a Boston-based nonprofit, provides paid musical gigs for people who have experienced mental illness and other mental distress.

Filling a gap in mental health care for Minnesota’s migrant workers

Matthias Mitterlehner / Unsplash

Experts say many migrant workers work harsh jobs that leave little time for recreation or community connection, leading to mental health challenges. A possible solution? The Bienvenido program, which aims to provide support for Latino workers in rural Minnesota, who are isolated and far from home.

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