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Book cover: “The Cancer Factory: Industrial chemicals, corporate deception and the hidden deaths of American workers” by Jim Morris. The cook over is a historic photo of a factory that is worn and faded. The main text is yellow and orange. Secondary text is black. The cover is on a dark orange speckled background.

A toxin that won’t quit

Jim Morris’s new book chronicles failures to protect workers at every level of the system.
By Anna Young
Book cover for “Endemic: A Post-Pandemic Playbook” by Monica Gandhi, M.D. The book cover has a light beige background, bright orange border and the word “ENDEMIC” in all caps in a light blue bar in the middle. Above the title is a quote and the author’s name, and below is the subtitle and another quote. The compassion is on a light purple speckled background.

Our next pandemic’s playbook

Monica Gandhi on why our next pandemic response must center harm reduction, equality, and justice.
By Christine Mehta
Rhodesian ridgeback puppy sits on a black table and receives a vaccination in vet clinic. A owner or aide holds the puppy’s face.

Vaccine hesitancy spills over to pets

Rabies in humans is vanishingly rare, thanks to vaccine mandates. Canine vaccine hesitancy puts that at risk.
By Dominik Stecuła and 2 more
Illustration: Blue gloved hands extract a dose of a vaccine from a vial into a syringe. A pink tray with a box of vaccine vials is in the background. A few vials rest on the tray.

Vaccines: a victory and a failure

Despite being one of our most impactful public health tools, vaccines continue to be pilloried in the public square.
By Lisa Doggett