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Melba Newsome

Melba Newsome

Melba Newsome is an award-winning health, science, and environmental writer based in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Two women stand near in front of an open side door of a black SUV. The trunk of the car is also open. The logo for “Caja Solidaria” is applied on the rear window. The car is parked in a dirt driveway in front of a stone ranch house with a red tin roof in rural North Carolina. The front sun room of the house has two open umbrellas, plastic bins and other stuff. A tree with bright green leaves is in the front right of the image.

North Carolina’s radical Medicaid reinvention

Eighty percent of what affects our health happens outside of a medical setting. The state is investing $650 million to address the social drivers of health.
By Melba Newsome