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A black man with dredlocks, a blue patterned shirt, and a white undershirt, places a pink sticky note on a white board that asks “What could the U.S. look like post-reparations?”. The whiteboard is decorated with stars, a light bulb, a green flag, dotted lines, and other post-its.

Redressing the racial health gap

A Harvard symposium examines the public health case for reparations to Black descendants of slavery and what remedy might look like.


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Reparations & Public Health

Close-up of the Gettysburg address at the Lincoln Memorial

Reparations will save Black lives

Mary Bassett, New York state health commissioner, examines the close ties between wealth and health in America. It’s time, she says, for the U.S. government to pay its debt to Black Americans.

Fall 2022

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from the school

Tyler VanderWeele in khaki pants, a blue blazer, white shirt and tie with his hands clasped and smiling off into the distance. He stands in front of a paisley patterned background, colored from pink to blue.

The science of life satisfaction

Flourishing expert Tyler VanderWeele contemplates how individuals and communities can move forward after two years of pandemic grief