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Two elementary-aged children eat apples in a school cafeteria. They are wearing blue-polo shirts and there is a bright mural in the background.

The free school lunch paradox

Studies from around the world show U.S.-supported free school meals improve health, education, and economic development. So why are they at risk of cuts back home?

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Black and white paper cutouts are scattered on a textured-blush background. The images are an isolated mouth shouting, a pair of glasses with eyes staring, a large explosion, a mega-hone, a pointing finger, a thumbs-down , a scale and a thin female midsection in underwear with a measuring tape around her midsection. Black type-writer text is scattered on the image. It reads: “Thin is in.” “Diet now.” “Lose weight.” “Mind over matter.

Let’s end the war on obesity

The way America fights obesity is increasing stigma and leading to harmful behavior. For truly better health, we need a new approach.

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Fall Issue 2023

On reinventing Medicaid, using social media for good, and South Africa's path to universal health care

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