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Video game still: An aerial view of an urban camp settlement. The surrounding area is covered in a blue-hazy fog and indicates destruction.

Test the waters of health policy through video games

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Jo Zhou
May 19, 2023
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Spring 2023

Floodland is a city-building game in which the player helps survivors endure the harsh conditions of a world devastated by climate change, including limited resources and infectious diseases. Setting health policies like “mandatory masks” and “social distancing” keep the population healthier, but not always happier. While making rules, the player must watch the “unrest” meter lest society descend into chaos.

Floodland was developed by Poland’s Vile Monarch and published by Ravenscourt.

Image: Vile Monarch

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Jo Zhou
Jo Zhou is the social media manager and audience engagement specialist at Harvard Public Health. Read more from Jo Zhou.
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