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Human Behavior

Illustration: A woman, dressed in blue, sits on an oversized pill in the left foreground. In the top right, a group of doctors stand with their arms crossed. The illustrations are on a dark blue static background.

Who is a “difficult” patient?

Addiction treatment remains scarce, so why don’t more doctors treat it? Medical student John Messinger says stigma is a major barrier.
By John C. Messinger
Tyler VanderWeele in khaki pants, a blue blazer, white shirt and tie with his hands clasped and smiling off into the distance. He stands in front of a paisley patterned background, colored from pink to blue.

The science of life satisfaction

Flourishing expert Tyler VanderWeele contemplates how individuals and communities can move forward after two years of pandemic grief
By Amy Roeder
Henry Weschler

In Memoriam: Henry Wechsler

Groundbreaking researcher on high-risk behaviors popularized the idea of college binge-drinking.
Michelle A. Williams, dean of faculty of the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health

Message from the Dean: The great force of history

It is an extraordinary time for public health. To create change, we need to engage with the past and the lived experience of the present.
By Michelle A. Williams