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Human Behavior

Rhodesian ridgeback puppy sits on a black table and receives a vaccination in vet clinic. A owner or aide holds the puppy’s face.

Vaccine hesitancy spills over to pets

Rabies in humans is vanishingly rare, thanks to vaccine mandates. Canine vaccine hesitancy puts that at risk.
By Dominik Stecuła and 2 more
Book cover of “Project UnLonely: Healing our crisis of disconnection” by Jeremy Nobel, MD MPH. The book cover is a bright blue with white serif type for the title and black sans serif for subtitle and author name. Eleven individual colored threads enter from the left side of the cover and converge in a braided line that intersects the title in the middle of the cover. The book cover is on a deep red background.

How to get unlonely

Loneliness can have a devastating effect on our physical and mental health. Jeremy Nobel wants to fix it.
By Maura Kelly
Illustration: Two different hands hold up opposite online dating profiles. In the negative space between the hands are illustrated hearts but also illustrated STI viruses: syphilis, gonorrhea, and chlamydia. The composition is on a pale lavender background.

Using Tinder to trace syphilis

Online dating apps mean more people don’t know who their hookups are, making STIs harder to trace. Enterprising public health workers are finding ways to turn the apps into tracing tools.
By Carrie Arnold